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Eminent Personalities of Ancient India

Dear Aspirants , Here find Eminent Personalities of Ancient India one liner questions preparation

1. Bimbisar : Founded the M 8agadhan Empire or Haryanka dynasty. He was the first influential king of ancient India.
2. Menander : He came to India as a foreign aggressor in II Century BC. MilindaPanho, a book written by Nagasena, is about him.
3. Sankaracharya : He was born in Kaladi in Kerala. He propagated Advaita Philosophy.
4. Nagarjuna : Famous Buddhist monk. He popounded the philosophy known as Madhyamika.
5. Charak : He was an Ayurvedic expert wrote Charak-Samhita and established the Aitereya branch of Ayurvedic medicines.
6. Pushya Mitra sunga : He killed the last Mauryan ruler and laid the foundation of Sunga dynasty in 185 BC.
7. Kharavel : Ruler of Kalinga in I century AD. The Famous Hathigumbha inscription belonged to him.
8. Mihirkula : Huna conqueror defeated by Yashodharma.
9. Kamban : A Tamil poet of 11th century who wrote Ramayan in Tamil.
10. Makkali Gosala : Philosopher of 6th Century BC. He was the founder of Ajivika sect.
11. Harisena : He was the writer of Pryaga Prashasti or Allahabad Pillar Inscription.
12. Shushrut : He was a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine. He started the Dhanwantri branch and was an expert in Plastic Surgery.
13. Kalidas : Famous Sanskrit poet who wrote, Raghuvamsa, Kumara Sambhavam, Abhigyana Shakuntalam, Vikramorvashiyam and Malavikagnimitram. He also wrote Meghadootam and Ritusamharam.
14. Gautami Putra Shatakarni : He was the mostfamous Satavahana king in 2nd Century.
15. Varahamihira : He was famous astronomer who wrote Brihat Samhita.
16. Kalhana – Famous Kashmiri poet and historian.He wrote Raja Tarangini.
17. Ashwaghosh : Buddhist monk who initiated Kaniskha to Buddhism wrote Buddha charita, Sutralankar and Sandaranand.
18. Pulikeshin II. Most powerful king of Chalukyas of Vatapi who defeated Harshavardhana in North and Mahendravarman of South.
19. Mihir Bhoja : Famous Prathihara ruler of 9th century.
20. Karikala : Chola ruler who founded the city of Puhar (Kaveri patanam) in I century BC.
21. Banabhatta : Court poet of Harshavardhana and author of Harsha Charita and Kadambari.
22. Darius I : The ruler of Iran (Persia) who invaded India in 6th century BC.
23. Amoghavarsha : He was a famous Rashtrakuta ruler.
24. Kautilya : also known as Vishnugupta or Chanakya. He wrote Arthasasthra, which is compared to ‘The prince’ of Machiavelli.
25. Ajatasatru : Son of Bimbisara. He established the city of Pataliputra.
26. AmarSimha : Sanskrit scholar in the court of Chandragupta who wrote Amarakosha"."
27. Marco Polo : Venitian Traveller to India in 13thcentury.
28. Arien : Greek historian who wrote about Alexander’s Indian invasion.
29. Panini : Sanskrit scholar specially of Grammar. He wrote Ashtadyayi.
30. Kanishka : (I century AD) : Most powerful Kushan king. Started Shaka Era. Organised fourth Buddhist council at Kundalvan near Kashmir.
31. Aryabhatta : He analysed the reasons for Solar and Lunar eclipses and declared that the Earth is round. Wrote Aryabhattiyam.
32. Pliny : He was a Roman historian who wrote the Natural History. He wrote about the Mauryas of India.
33. Alexander : he was the ruler of Macedonia in Greece. He attacked India in 326 BC and captured upto river Bias.
34. Dhanananda : He was a powerful king of Magadha. Alexander did not go forward to invade Magadha only after hearing his reputation.
35. Skand Gupt : Last mighty Gupta ruler.

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